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    4 weeks ago

    👩🎓👨🎓 💖 Welcome to JesusChristSocial. Founded by a bit of a scally. #ManchesterLad. 🐝
    The only Souls/People/Persons who are not particularly welcome here are antagonists. No offence intended. I will ban any member who shows discrimination or intolerance. I speak my mind and I’m 2nd in command here. 🤠

    The lonely are very welcome, as are those who are struggling with life. You know who you are. So does God who is watching and participating. How could S/He not be? 🧐

    Literalists are welcome but brace yourselves, for revelation. 😲 It’s Gods will. 21st century faith. The risen Christ NOW. How will we respond? Maybe Facehook has the answer! 😖😅

    M. Scott Peck. The Road Less Travelled and A world Waiting To Be Born. Just read them. I dare you! 😲

    Agnostics and Atheists are very welcome, I understand that “Bible-Bashing” politely known as “Bible-Study”, and “public witness” can be counterproductive where polite, considerate, loving, open-minded, light-hearted discussion is not. Church is not for everybody. Privacy can be enough. It’s not how or where you are praying, it’s what you are saying, and to whom.

    Solitude most usually is the best place, or should be, unless you are terribly lonely, as it gives us space to think, and I suspect meditation is prayer excellence’ in action.

    “Be still and know I am God”. Faith based community is terrific for those who appreciate it. This is a faith based community.
    “I will be exalted (recognised/obeyed/respected) among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

    That’s Jesus talking. The Eternal Christ. The King of Kings. The Prince of Peace. The Lamb of God. The only person able to deal with our past, pain, crimes, (online) addictions, regrets, childhood, hang-overs, hang-ups, uncertainty, loneliness, the works! Lock, Stock and Barrel. Still, it takes time and often takes community. And sorrow.

    “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid”. John 14:27

    For over 50 years I have been involved with the Holy Spirit, often less active than I should be. I rarely go to formal Church as I find it too conformist, no disrespect intended. The park is perfect for me. The Sky. Nature. Sometimes the Pub. ; o P
    But I loved Bible college, because I was called to it in my 30’s, and the man teaching our group was as left-field as I am. Thank you Brother Arnot.

    I have lost everything, more than once, except my faith. My life has been a very rocky road ever since childhood.

    I am now a digital marketer. May God forgive me. 😆 I have a particular dislike for most social media as the enemy is all over these platforms. What an opportunity! That spirit of defiance and destruction would never pass that by. It is very evident and obviously so.

    The best description I ever read of “Evil” was by M. Scott Peck who called it “militant ignorance”. Unwillingness to learn. Unwillingness to change. Unwilling to be challenged.

    We are Homo-Rapiens. We have all but destroyed our home, Mother Earth, mainly through corporate induced complacency, crass consumerism, and the yearning of our often badly neglected inner person. But we could still win the lottery. Yippee!
    14 million UK people are now living in poverty. Politicians are not. Their mates are not. Parliament is as militant as most of the press and their Billionaire Barons. T.V manipulation and social media madness is a sickness. How can you help? What can you do? Allow it to happen to us? Indulge? Ignore? Prayer alone is not enough. Action is required. Daily. Action can cost nothing.

    We are in the End Times. Ecologically speaking we have just 10 years. It is very evident. In my opinion, Greta Thunberg is an Autistic Angel and Russel Brand is an errant, erratic Prophet. He has spiritually grown massively recently. Give him a listen. God’s will?

    We are all loved beyond human measure, whatever our circumstances. I feel we should all be political because to not be, is allowing (ignoring) Evil. I loathe disaster capitalism, aggression and poverty. I try to forgive, I’m not always totally successful. I have a very dodgy past, unforgivable but for Christ. That makes it easier to forgive others. We all have emotional/mental health issues. Mine are pretty glorious! 🤣

    I am on Universal Credit. I’m foodbank skint. I had an epic nervous breakdown five years ago. It nearly killed me. I recovered eventually with years of help and support from a lot of lovely people, not least my Son. In my experience, after Crucifixion comes Resurrection. Dramatic and life-changing.

    I couldn’t afford bankruptcy so I went the Debt Relief Order route. I cannot get credit and that is very good thing. U.C is not quite enough for 30 full days although I am very grateful for it. The last week of every month is very tough going. Hunger is physically painful after just one day. I have an amazing family and friends. Enough said.

    I need your help. God wants your help. This can possibly be out-reach to millions. Let’s keep it real. No cults or prosperity numpties. God rules the roost here, not rich, corporate fan clubs.

    It’s FREE to join and gently, carefully, witness, discuss, explore different faith cultures, learn about Christ, make great friends, have fun, relax, create, slow down for a while and help the Homeless. Help us help the Homeless and the very hungry.

    I hope to make a modest living from this endeavor. I also hope to help raise a lot of money for the Homeless, with the help of others. I ask members to donate £3.65 a year, 1p a day, if you are able or willing. If not, no worries, I understand. Initially, 55% goes straight to small, local homeless organisations/communities who do NOT have very well paid directors. Not one. Urban Angels. Local Heroes. 45% goes to keeping a rented roof over my head, lots of work here, the hosting and server upgrades, some help from a WordPress wizard as we grow, and putting some food on the table. At 1.000 member contributions nearly £1.650.00 is raised for the homeless and my U.C is reduced. I will still be pretty skint. At 10.000 members more can be distributed, I will be off U.C and at 100.000 members we can raise over £250.000 every year, or more. I only need a modest income. A tad more than my upcoming state pension. I spend very little. Confession over. 😇😂🇬🇧

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