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Have fun here. You don't have to be as OCD as I am. That's Occasional CD. Make us laugh, make us cry. Both are very healing. We are social and spiritual so have fun. Surprise us!
Obviously our Founder is a Christian. A very open minded, pretty ragged, quite solitary, OCD, colourful one. I firmly believe that literalism, by and large, in any field, is the death of all reason and that all too often, many people become entrenched in their “religion” while often missing the obvious, often judging too quickly, and often missing the bigger calling. Perhaps I’m being too judgemental! ; o P
Think right-wing, Covid denying, gun-bearing, to Hell with Love, loudmouths, bigots, accusers. And all racists. Yup, sadly there are these type of individuals, or groups who claim Christ. I see no love there. Also, certain prosperity preachers cross my mind, and expensive, very wealthy, closed-clubs, any cult, Hollywood Ego’s, massive bank accounts and “militant ignorance”. I see no love there.
I am familiar with most faiths and love Buddhist teachings. I consider Greta Thunberg an Autistic Angel and Russell Brand a spiritual revolutionary. Bit like Jesus. I’m politically active, as was/is Jesus, because to not be, is to allow the corruption so often evident in many politicians. Politically motivated, loving Souls are very welcome. Antagonists are not. “Militant ignorance” is not. Right-wing crusaders, prosperity preachers, self proclaiming prophets, deluded mediums, conspiracy theorists, although I like them, and scammers of any kind, like on Faceshook, will be banned at the first hint of mischief.
I reserve the right to insist on careful presentation from all members as we are representing The Risen Christ. He will be conscious of your efforts. I reserve the right to amend, edit, even delete inappropriate or poorly presented content after discussion, support where needed, and a bit of a #chuckle with the Brother or Sister responsible. I’m 2nd in command here, (or is it 4th?) and I will try to lead by example. Feel free to point out my errors. No-one is yet perfect. Any help required with English or Grammar? No worries. Blaze your brilliance and I will help you, not that I’m that good at it myself. #SpellChuckle.
Watch the video, pinned to the top of the Activity page, it will help. Ask for my assistance. My pleasure.
*If you need to vent, as folk sometimes do, contact me. Do not rage on site. I’m here to help and I understand frustration, anger, hurt and revenge. All born from childhood conflicts and trauma. Reach out in complete confidentiality. Join. Message me. If you would rather, email but any hateful vibes, discrimination, “militant ignorance”, most politicians, the Police, or time-wasters will be ignored, or the sender destroyed by way of my friendship with Thor, The God of Thunder!
I’m praying that this site will resonate with Soul-Seekers, Ministers, moderate Evangelists, Prayer groups, Spiritual Authors, Teachers, Mentors and loving Souls who understand that faith, (that’s trust), comes in all shapes and sizes, colours and flavours. And that we all have an enemy, an adversary, who loves being all over Faceshook! Naughty! ; O P
I’m praying/meditating that people will ditch literalism in all things and see the far, far bigger picture. 90% of all the rubbish on T.V and in the press, is an obstacle, that works in favour of the fallen, boringly wealthy, tax-avoiding, liars and cheats who seem to have lost their souls through crass greed, dishonesty, double-dealing and an appalling attitude to all other Human beings. Duh! I am obliged to pray for them.
So, my dream/mission/calling is to serve Christ, and people, by providing a healing social platform that is not a continual car-crash and damaging to our mental health. And to ask for donations from those able or willing, of just 1p a day. £3.65 a year. (Around $5) but if you cannot afford it, no worries, It’s FREE to you and all donations are voluntary.
£1.50 of your £3.65 donation will go towards the maintenance of the site, hosting, server upgrades, many hours work/joy every day, some help from a WordPress wizard, my rent and putting food on the table.
£2.15 will go straight to (initially local), street level homeless and hungry out-reach hubs, foodbanks, and into the hands of Manchesters’ destitute on our streets. I could have been one of them. I have amazing Family and Friends. Enough said. I have an amazing Saviour. We all do, embrace Him. At least talk to Him. Blummin’ pay attention you lot! ; O }
The Maths: £2.15 x 100. £2.15 x 1000. x 10.000 x 100.000. x a million or more! Yup, I’m confident that with your help, we can achieve this. Every year. That’s a whole lot of loving. I also promise, to you and my God, that £1.50 x so many people, if we flourish with so many members, will make me a very rich bloke. For about 30 minutes.
I do not need or want that kind of responsibility. I have treasure aplenty in Paradise, Heaven, Elysium, Eternity, The Next Dimension, Home. With Christ.
I’m hoping to get off U.C finally, make a decent living, which stuffs my state pension, provide more for my terrific Family, live as a Digital Nomad and travel in very basic, authentic, traveller style, much of Asia, the Amazon basin, India, Peterborough and Rochdale. I miss my Family and mates terribly.
If I can earn 20k a year, which is not a crime, I will be delighted and very, very grateful. So will a lot of other people. It’s collectively, over 30k to the poor. It will be your generosity, our love and concern, not just mine. (Average earnings in GBP app: £30k).
If I earn more, and I could, it stops not too far above 20k. £400 a week. I pray my very busy son will find a few hours each week to help and he will earn a little for it. I would love to see him get on the home owner ladder. But, there are people who need it far more than I ever will by then and I will be spending most of my time in countries where £400 is worth far, far more. The rest gets distributed to the homeless and hungry. Put in the Pot. Undoubtedly some will have to go to taxation. I will still be earning well enough. We all have to make a living, and ideally, think of others less fortunate. To do unto others….
Your donations go out the same week, even day. I face God over this promise one day. I really don’t want to disappoint my Lord when I face the life review, seconds after my mortal death, and certainly not on that scale. God forbid!
You are about to become a part of this spiritual revolution, the Holy communion, and by Grace, evolve spiritually, bringing hope into the hearts of the truly desperate and broken? I feel it in my bones….

Welcome…..and Thank You. Peace be upon you. Help us raise millions? Every year? If not, cook for your poorer neighbours every chance you get.

Indiemanc, like almost all other people, has certain mental health issues. It has been suggested by my former psychology counsellor that I may be very slightly Autistic but that takes years to work out apparently. My first “red flag” occurred around 3 years of age. They continued throughout my traumatic childhood, and adult life, regularly, despite my deep faith and several professional positions, including management. That blows a few “Myths” then. Too many “Myths” to count….
*Psychologists seek to understand and explain thoughts, emotions, feelings, and behavior. Clinical psychologists assess, diagnose, and treat mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Clinical psychologists help people deal with problems ranging from short-term personal issues to severe, chronic conditions.* They are awesome people in my experience. I’m truly very grateful.
Five years ago I had my 3rd nervous breakdown. The previous two, I managed well and battled on. The 3rd nearly killed me. If you feel like “death” and are struggling, join for free and message me. Never forget that mental health issues often are emotional health issues gone awry. They usually start in childhood. It’s not your fault. Don’t beat yourself up. God loves you as you are. But may want change. Read that again. ; o }
Recovery is absolutely possible. Even with my 50 year faith I didn’t believe that for 3 long years.
I didn’t believe, for 3 long, agoraphobic, grief filled years. But, in my experience, after Crucifixion comes Resurrection. Powerful and life-changing. Look what I done! See what God inspired! ; o P
I’m still on Universal Credit. I managed a 3 month stint at JB Sports warehouse once I was able to face the world again. 2019. They ditch you come January. 2020. Actually really enjoyed it. The people. Salt of the Earth. Thank you folks, you made such a difference. I recently had a part-time job cleaning a school but the supervisor is a total misery and and only ever smiled at the interview. Booted me after 2 weeks because it’s actually, scientifically proven, that 110% is an impossibility even though I gave 101%
Rubbish job to be honest. Lovely workers, salt of the Earth. Rubbish management. Still on Universal Credit and very grateful for it. Rich, two-faced, wheeler/dealer politicians should stop the discrimination and demoralisation of those who need just £25 a week more and it would save the NHS (God bless the workers) far more than picking up the bill for treating the foodbank skint and thoroughly depressed/suicidal, growing population. This is no time for “turning the other cheek”, that is apathy.
I know the spots in Manchester for sleeping rough because I came far too close to Homelessness.
That’s a good enough reason for my passion, my determination, my endeavour. Here’s another.
“Do unto others as you would have them do for you”. Join me here, together we can make a massive difference. Stay safe. Peace be with you.
You can help by joining us, whatever your faith base. Or lack of any faith. Caring Agnostics and Atheists are welcome. Maybe we can share a little inspir(it)ation. But no usurping Christs teachings by way of us or them mentality. Holy Joe! Apply a little Scientology! Don’t be such a Mormon! Cheeky! : O P
Create a neat profile, make a few friends, share like crazy! Subscribe for 1p a day in the knowledge that the Lions share will be feeding others who cannot afford to feed themselves, many of them working and with children. Help alleviate desperation. We can’t rely on nepotistic, power-mad, politicians.
Bring your light with you. Be patient with the “little ones” who have much to learn. Support and offer help to other members. Offer lessons in anything like reading, painting, musicianship, maths, science, confidence building, cooking on a budget, yoga, face-painting, prayer, meditation, stillness. Stuff like that. Encourage new member sign-ups, tell your mates, hassle your family! Gently, gently.
Buy a tee-hee shirt in Gods Soup for the Soul Shop. Wear it, reach out silently. Get ’em thinking…
How can you be helped? All of the above opportunities to grow emotionally and spiritually in our caring community. Make reliable friends, ones with a healthy conscience, get support if you are lonely, struggling, ill, depressed etc: You will find emergency solidarity here, friendship, prayer and genuine caring.
Ignite new creativity and experience the healing effects. Show us your poetry, share your stories, your photography, that jumper you knitted, woodwork, parenting skills, and your means of making a living, as in, gently introduce your business. We all have to make a living, more so than ever before, so yes, tell us how you make a living on your profile, if you wish, and you can post business ads: on the timeline once a week only please. No MLM or affiliate stuff unless they prove themselves viable and trustworthy. There are one or two out there these days and I allow for those.
All transactions to homeless hubs or foodbanks will be receipted and posted here for all to see. The hubs will be invited to join us. Around £5 a week goes to local homeless people sitting outside the shops looking pretty desperate. £1 a pop usually, sometimes 50p, sometimes an apology for being too skint. And a bit of a natter. That is always appreciated. It’s nice to be treated as an equal whatever your circumstances. No receipts from those courageous characters. You are just going to have to trust me. Namaste’. (I bow to the divine within you).
P.S; This site took months and months, five rebuilds and a lot of coffee, via Julie and Marcus, to get it 98% running beautifully. It may take a day or so to get your membership and profile options all sorted. Please bear with me. You will receive emails and a reg: code, immediately, and a warm welcome from me within hours or minutes. I will be on stand by for you. I’m so excited! Or is it the (Holy) Spirit moving within……. : O }
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God Bless Ya!