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An important explanation. A Social Media Problem. Please read the Q&A's.

This site is brand new. I built it solo, lockdown style. Due to my years of experience on Facehook, I know for a fact that people are developing a 2 second attention span. It's very worrying, if you care, and we should all care, because it effects all of us. No-one is immune. It's not like we are too busy right now to read. Not only is caring actually, scientifically and emotionally proven, very good for one and all, we have ample evidence, mountains of it, that to not care is killing our planet, rapidly. That will not be fun. Pay attention. Make it a habit.

A silly but true example: With God as my witness. 

As a former wedding photographer, until I fell ill, I posted on a wedding group, that I could help wedding services providers with online marketing. Within 4 minutes I had approx: 30 wedding services reply with offers to provide for my wedding. I didn't say I was getting married.

As a pretty solitary bloke, one alarmed by the rise of the right, the 2 second attention span syndrome, (we all do it, me included occasionally) and the alarming state of Humanity in general, (me included) I want a social platform where people brains don't get deep fried. Mine included. That cannot be discrimination as I am included. ; o P

This is a pretty big site and it's only a baby yet. But please, for the love of God, music, people, pets, whatever, read the text. It will take about 10 minutes of your not so busy life.

Like Christ, it's very self-evident what it's all about. Jesus. Us. Salvation, which in Greek means healing.

I would love open-hearted, eternally love struck Christians, Muslims, Buddhists to join and help this outreach, to those who do not believe or understand, that Jesus can be found. Seek and you shall find. In bars, on the street, in your local shop, here, and in the park. That Church is not always the answer, as Jesus pointed out, and that it's often a great idea to share the LOVE of God on other peoples home turf. It's high time we took Jesus to others, in a language they can relate to. A place where they might like to sign-up as it appeals to them through an interest in their interests. Church attendance and belief in God is sadly waning. FACT. Let's ask why. Let's be like Jesus and go out to them in a way they can relate to. Maybe then they get the point. Have fun. 

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God Bless Ya!